Assassins Creed Saga


Games have always been an integral part of the human community. Sports were considered as the mostly indulged games but as the time passes, people got lazy and couldn’t find time to play sports. Technology and innovation was on rise and people were looking for an alternative to play instead of physical sports. Video games were introduced for people to play while sitting in their homes comfortably without any physical consequences. Now as we see around us we come to know that video games have become so popular that playing them is now a career and many of the gamers are actually earning a lot of money. Assassins creed is a game that almost every gamer is aware of and it has gathered a lot of fame only because of its exciting game play and high graphics.

It is an action adventure game through which a person can enjoy a historical character of an assassin who goes on killing bad people and moving them from the face of the earth. Game is about a war between Templers and assassins. Both want to bring peace to the world but Templers want it through oppression and force whereas assassins want it through peace and good will. When Templers have taken over the world, assassins start a war against Templers and assassinate them in order to make the world a better place. This fight travels through many centuries. The war is about finding old relics such as staff and the Apple of Eden to control the world.

Assassin’s creed 1:

In the first game in franchise of assassin’s creed, we come across Altair who is an assassin and he is asked to eliminate some templar leaders on the order of his master, Al Mualim. At the end of the game he realizes that all of this had been Al Mualim’s plan and he has been fallen under the enchantment of the Apple. Altair is one of the strongest assassins in the world of assassin’s creed and many centuries later, other assassins come to realize this fact.

Assassin’s creed 2:

Assassin’s creed 2 is about Ezio Auditore, an Italian young man whose parents are killed by the Templers because they have been found to be from the bloodline of assassins. Ezio is a successor of Altair and starts a journey that will end result in the fight against Templers to be continued in the mid renaissance. Ezio learns how to become an assassin and within the game we come to know about many historical sites in Italy and also become known to the famous and glorious Leonardo da Vinci. The whole plan is to end the rule of Templers and collect as many assassins’ scrolls by Altair as possible because those scrolls will define the true purpose of assassins and how they have to live according to that.

Assassin’s creed Brotherhood:

Assassin’s creed brotherhood is another game in the franchise of the assassin’s creed. It continues from the story of Ezio Auditore and how they form a brotherhood of the trustworthy people. New weapons and tricks are involved in it and we see that the game play is improved to a great efficiency. Historical games have always been an attraction to the public and in this way they have been trying to learn a way to come around such amazing games. Assassin’s creed franchise has given them all they want. In this action adventure packed game, they can play a character of an assassin and can perform spectacular tricks such as jumping and running on the roof tops along with killing enemies and looting them of money and throwing knives. This game is the most exciting genre of the whole gaming world.

Assassin’s creed Rogue:

This game is about an assassin who has been betrayed by his brother assassins and is now turned against them as a templar. He was an ex assassin so he knows all their ways and has gone rogue to kill all of them and bring an end to their legacy and brotherhood once and for all. Users can play the character of the assassin and can see that how he fights assassins and the game has become more tough as fighting assassins is not an easy task to carry out. This game is more action packed than all of the previous versions of the assassin’s creed franchise.


If you are a person who is looking for a game that can soothe your nerves as well as provide you with ultimate adrenaline rush then this game is perfect for you as it gives you a tour across history with assassins to perform all the functions for you. There are almost 12 versions of this game and the latest version that is assassin’s creed odyssey is the most famous one as it takes you across the world of ancient history.

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