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PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds

Overview: People have been falling over many games and have always been looking for entertainment to rush into their lives and to make their lives easier. Adrenaline push that a person gets while playing all the video games soothes his nerves and acts as a dose of nicotine or caffeine that wakes him up totally […]

Assassins Creed Saga

Overview: Games have always been an integral part of the human community. Sports were considered as the mostly indulged games but as the time passes, people got lazy and couldn’t find time to play sports. Technology and innovation was on rise and people were looking for an alternative to play instead of physical sports. Video […]

YouTube and Music Industry

Overview: Music has always been a priority of human beings whenever it came to the point of leisure or entertainment. Throughout the history music has been a part of human civilizations and as a culture to celebrate life and praise deities. Gods love music and many religious rituals around the world include music in their […]

Everything You need to know about Snapchat

SnapChat, one of the most demanding social media platforms of the current era. Moreover, SnapChat is one of the best competitors of the giant social media platform Facebook. Most of the time, both social media compete with each other by introducing the most compelling features. And, the upgraded features are the only aspects behind an […]

YouTube vs Netflix

Overview: People have been dying over the TV series and seasons. Entertainment had been the most prioritized leisure element for people. There were times when humans had only a big fat TV set to watch serials and news on but as the world progressed, people now have access to the internet and TV sets have […]

What makes Call of Duty So Special?

Overview: There was a time when people didn’t have much to entertain themselves with. Snake games on mobile were the only best games known to human and they were happy with that low defined game with broken graphics but as soon as the technology hit the podium, humans diverted their attention from mobile games to […]

YouTube – The Biggest Video Sharing Platform

Overview: Before 2005 people were in dire need of any video sharing platform because whenever a person wanted to look up for some video, he had to look up and search all the internet and still he couldn’t find some of the desired videos. When Timberlake tore the shirt of his co star during a […]