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PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds

Overview: People have been falling over many games and have always been looking for entertainment to rush into their lives and to make their lives easier. Adrenaline push that a person gets while playing all the video games soothes his nerves and acts as a dose of nicotine or caffeine that wakes him up totally […]

Assassins Creed Saga

Overview: Games have always been an integral part of the human community. Sports were considered as the mostly indulged games but as the time passes, people got lazy and couldn’t find time to play sports. Technology and innovation was on rise and people were looking for an alternative to play instead of physical sports. Video […]

What makes Call of Duty So Special?

Overview: There was a time when people didn’t have much to entertain themselves with. Snake games on mobile were the only best games known to human and they were happy with that low defined game with broken graphics but as soon as the technology hit the podium, humans diverted their attention from mobile games to […]