Everything You need to know About Facebook


The top most rated social media platform of all time. Obviously, I am mentioning Facebook in this detailed blog. Facebook is one of the most successful social Medias of the current era. Facebook is widely loved by billions of users all around the world. Due to its extended functionality people love to communicate with their loved ones. These are just general statements about the social media platform that a common user used to think about Facebook. Let us get started with more deeper details of this social media platform. The social media platform was invented back in 20014 with an aim to transform the lives of people with better engagement. Basically, Facebook’s headquarters are located in America and you can honourably call it as American based social media platform. Moreover, it is an online media platform with a perfect networking services.

The founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg, who partnered with Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz as well as Chris Hughes. You can also call them as founding father of Facebook. So these are some basic details about Facebook that you might know. People who want to use this social media platform are required to input their basic information including their date of birth, name, contact number etc. All of this information is collected to create a unique user account. With that account, the users will have to enter their username and password for accessing their user account.


Just like all other social media platforms, there are numerous features that make Facebook more interesting and attractive. You all might know about the common features that you can perform via this social media platform. So the basic features we know are as follows:


As you all know that this social media platform allows you to connect to your friends and family. So, with Facebook chat feature, you can connect with your friends and family as well as you can share your daily routines and other important things that you will love to share. In order to make use of Facebook chat more efficient and effective, the company has introduced Facebook Messenger. The messenger allows you to make an audio or video call at any time with ease.

Send and Receive Friend requests:

The social media platform is determined to connect you with your friends and family. So, this social media platform allows you to send and receive friend requests from your loved ones as well as from those who you may know. So, this is fantastic features that people love to use.

Comment and Like Photos:

So, one of the basic feature to let someone know you are interest in him / her or you really loved his photo is by liking or commenting on particular photo. This means, you will always an option to appreciate a particular photo or video in your friend list.

View Videos:

The best feature that was integrated recent is videos tab. The videos tab feature provides you videos and content according to your interests and like in the recent months. You will be presented with dozens of videos related to any field. Moreover, you can also share those videos on your timeline or even you can share that particular video with your friends and family via Facebook Chat.

Share Content:

Along with like and commenting on particular content, you will have an option to share that content. The content of all types including the videos, photos and videos. So you will always have an option to post your views and likes to the people who like you and follow you.

Join Groups:

As you are allowed to connect to your friends and family. The social media platform allows you to join a particular community that you are interested in. The members of particular group can be from any country. There are few types of groups or you can say that few restrictions that you can apply on particular group. A group can be public, private or closed, it solely depends upon your preferences. Moreover, you can create your own group and members accordingly.

Update your Basic Information:

So, with all those spectacular features, you will always have an option to update your basic information. The information includes your name, contact no, employment, email address, profile picture, location, date of birth and all other sensitive information that you think needs to be changed.


Being one of most used social media platform or a successful firm, there are numerous competitors of Facebook that are striving hard to compete. One of its main competitors is SnapChat. Snapchat has been giving tough time to Facebook with its better standard features. Most of the upgraded features have stunned Facebook and pushed Facebook in developing a feature that competes with the features introduced by its competitors. Most of the times, Facebook introduces the feature before its competitor introduce a particular feature. It is just to have a positive edge over its competitors. All other competitors include Twitter, Skype, Youtube and many others. The best part about this social media platform is that it has introduced its more social media platforms including the Instagram as well as Whatsapp.

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