Everything You need to know About Instagram

One of the top most rated social media platform over the internet includes the great messaging app or you can say a great photo or video sharing app aka Instagram. I will be discussing more about Instagram in this detailed blog. The best part about Instagram is that it is considered as one of the most successful and most suitable social Medias of the current era. Most of the times, people find it more easy to deliver their messages and even they can share photos and videos on Instagram at ease. This is the reason Instagram is widely loved by billions of users all around the world for sharing photos and video. Due to its extensive functionality people like to commune with their loved ones.

Let us get started with deeper details of this social media platform. The social media platform was invented back in 2010. The main reason behind the introduction of this great social media platform is to allow people in sharing their photos and videos at an ease. However, you will be requiring some standard internet for sharing or viewing photos and videos on Instagram. Basically, Instagram’s headquarters are located in America and you can honorably call it as American based social media platform. With the help of this online social media platform, you can make audio and video calls within couple of seconds. You will always have an option to share videos and photos to your followers.

Moreover, it is an online media platform with perfect networking services. This social media platform is owned by Facebook. You can also call Facebook as founding father of Instagram. People who want to use this social media platform require some basic information including their date of birth, name, contact number, email etc for creating their account. If you want to avoid this step, you can just connect your Facebook account with Instagram. In this case, your information will be automatically imported from your connected Facebook account. All you need to do is to enter your contact number. As you will be required to enter some basic information along with password. So you will need a username along with password for loging into your account. The best part is that the users will not be requiring any password to enter into their account. So, it seems to be an interesting thing so far.


Just like all other social media platforms, there are numerous features that make Instagram more interesting and attractive. You all might know about the common features that you can perform via this social media platform. So the basic features we know are as follows:


Just like its ancestor Facebook, you can easily make a brief chat with your friends and family. So, with Instagram chat feature, you can connect with your friends and family as well as you can share your daily routines and other important things that you will love to share. Mporeover, the social media platform allows you to share photos and videos with your loved ones. The main difference is that Instagram can be called as one proper extension of Facebook. Instagram is only aimed to allow its user to share their favorite photo as well as videos.

View Videos:

Just like its founding social media platform, Instagram allows you to view particular videos that are being transmitted by your friends and family. Moreover, the videos that are being in particular group can also be viewed. You can view any particular video online without any problem.

Easy Interface:

 The best part about this social media platform is that it allows you to interact with an easy interface. The interface is simple and efficient. The interface contains two layers one located at the bottom and the other one, on the upper surface. The bottom surface provides your a lot of extended functionality including the Home tab, search tab, following tab, the photos you liked and user account tab. Let us see what these tabs allow you to perform.

Home Tab:

Just like the name suggest, the Home tab allows you to view your new feed.  The home tab includes the news feed of the people that you follow. Yes, there is no send and receive friend request option in Instagram, rather you are required to follow some user accounts to know about them. So, whenever a account whom you follow post something on its timeline, it will be pushed to your timeline.

Search Tab:

The search tab is located next to Home tab. The search tab allows you to search a particular content that you will love to see. The search tab allows you to view the photos and videos of celebrities and other well known person that frequently post some viral videos.

The plus icon tab:

Next to search tab, there is a following or plus icon tab. The tab allows you to follow some new user accounts. It works more like friend request tab on Facebook.

User account tab:

The user account tab allows you to update your basic information. You can be able to change your name, profile picture, contact number, email address and other basic information.

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