Everything You need to know about Snapchat

SnapChat, one of the most demanding social media platforms of the current era. Moreover, SnapChat is one of the best competitors of the giant social media platform Facebook. Most of the time, both social media compete with each other by introducing the most compelling features. And, the upgraded features are the only aspects behind an edge over its competitors. As the social media platform is determined to provide the best and most attractive features, so that it can gain some edge over its competitors.  With such an amazing features, the social media platform is being loved by billions of users all around the world. Before wasting any further details, let us get started with more details about the SnapChat.

During the rise of every social media, SnapChat has made its way to market with more enhanced functionality. The social media platform was invented back in 2011 with an aim to provided jaw breaking functionality with an easy and perfect interface that user will love to see. Just like various other giant social media platforms, this social media platform can be regarded as the American based social media company. The social media company’s headquarters are located in America. The social media platform alone has been competing with 2 sub social media platforms of Facebook and Facebook itself. Just like all other social media platforms, this one is developed by university students named as Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown.

The perfect networking service with amazing and jaw breaking features, SnapChat can be said as an al rounder. The social media platform is perfect combination of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. As this social media platform is alone providing the basic functionality. The platform is known for delivering the important messages with ease. With an exceptionally well crafted design, the social media platform offers great functionality. It allows you to share photos and videos within few time intervals at utmost ease. The users will be required to enter their basic information for creation their user account. The users will have to enter their username as well as password for accessing their account easily.


Just like all other social media platforms, there are numerous features that make SnapChat more interesting and attractive. You all might know about the common features that you can perform via this social media platform.  While taking a look at the most interesting features of this social media account a lot of jaw breaking feature comes in my mind. .The most amazing features include the addition of different filters. Either they are photo filter or voice filter, they are amazing to use. This is the reason, it is widely loved by teens all around the world. So the basic features we know are as follows:

Multi snap:

The multi snap features allows you to share and record videos within a particular sequences. You donot have to develop an entire story instead of creating individual videos. In order to use this feature, you just need to hold and press a capture button for recording a desired video just like a usual standard camera app. You record only 60 seconds of video that can be posted on your social media account.


As the name suggests, users can be able to enjoy the features they use to enjoy on Google Map. Yes, you are reading it right the SnapChat’s SnapMap is there to help you in locating your friends and family. You can easily spot your loved ones on live map without any problem. However, it does not perfectly works like a standard Google Map. The social media platform’s features just allows you to locate your friends instead of getting directions to your friends. Moreover, the snapMap features allows you to scroll around your friends.

Custom Stories:

So we are going to talk about the custom stories. The custom story allows you to make a perfect videos and photos. It allows you and a particular group of member to share their experience in their account. The Create Story button is there to help you make some great custom stories that will be loved by hundred of users around the world. The button is located on the top right corner of the screen. The feature will be best to be used for sharing some original content with your fan following. So a particular business with huge followers will be able to market their product to huge number of audience with ease.

View Videos:

The best feature that was integrated recent is videos tab. The videos tab feature provides you videos and content according to your interests and like in the recent months. You will be presented with dozens of videos related to any field. Moreover, you can also share those videos on your timeline or even you can share that particular video with your friends and family via SnapChat Chat.

Share Content

Along with like and commenting on particular content, you will have an option to share that content. The content of all types including the videos, photos and videos. So you will always have an option to post your views and likes to the people who like you and follow you.

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