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People have been falling over many games and have always been looking for entertainment to rush into their lives and to make their lives easier. Adrenaline push that a person gets while playing all the video games soothes his nerves and acts as a dose of nicotine or caffeine that wakes him up totally from all the sadness and gloominess of the world. People have been looking for games that are more challenging than before and so that they can provide even more fun than the previous games that have been available in the market.

Games are getting more and more popular among the youth because gaming is also providing an opportunity to earn money as there are hundreds of competitions that are held on an international level. Gamers participate in thee competitions and if they win, they get a chance to win exciting prizes as their reward for being best of all. Rapper Drake also plays fortnight and his match with Ninja had been the tensest game plays on YouTube that people had been falling over.


This is another first person shooter game where thousands of people come online everyday to play this game with random people on the internet. A person can select his own customized avatar which he can control and can give him weapons. 100 people jump from a plane on big map with no weapons at all. They search houses and camps to gain weapons and life jackets along some helmets and medical kits. Then they go all mercenary on the other team mates and the last surviving person gets a chicken dinner, metaphorically, as a reward. This game has been gaining its fame in the online community and in no time has become famous.

At first, the game was only designed for computer users and was quite heavy on the system. It was just another first person shooter game and didn’t gain much fame because similar games were available online that worked just similar to the PUBG.

In 2018, its mobile version was released and then people from all around the world were falling over this addictive first person shooter game and many gadgets were introduced just for the sake of playing this game. Now as we see around us, we realize that this game has been a popular and trendy application among other games and have provided the gamers with an opportunity to enjoy a first person shooter game on the go. For instance, I see many students travelling in metro, who are playing the same game and it makes their journey easy.


The reason that this game has gained this much fame is due to the reason that it offers a multiplayer mode for the players to play with people from all around the world and they can enjoy a realistic game play as compared to the computer automated foes and players where the game is much predictable as compared to the realistic game plays.

Zombie mode:

Another mode that this game includes is the zombie mode. People can easily access this mode and this allows them to fight through a zombie apocalypse with his teammates. Not only male community but one of the best players of PUBG includes some females where they can show off their skills in front of the world and can show them that females are no less than the male members of the society. Zombies are the brain dead creatures that have no conscious what so ever and fighting through the blood hound zombies gives a real adrenaline rush to the player and this mode has made this game reach the heights of fame and online success that it possess today.

Youngsters are addicted to this mode because after inspired from many zombie movies where hero fights zombies and at the end find a safe haven where world hasn’t reached its end. Our players are also in dire need of acting like heroes and this game provides them exactly with the opportunity to become a gaming hero and kill the hoards of zombies that are coming to eat their flesh and to feed their hunger on the blood of the players.

Take a break during study:

It’s badly addicting but this game is fun to play because we see that in race against time to be successful, students find barely anytime to play and not get dull so PUBG offers them a perfect occasion to soothe their nerves and to stay mentally sharp and healthy. Moreover, such type of games also provides a youngster with all the tactical skills to survive in case of any emergency. PUBG is almost installed in every mobile of the youth community and possess a great value in the leisure of these students who are looking for an escape from the burdensome and boring routine of everyday life.

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