What makes Call of Duty So Special?


There was a time when people didn’t have much to entertain themselves with. Snake games on mobile were the only best games known to human and they were happy with that low defined game with broken graphics but as soon as the technology hit the podium, humans diverted their attention from mobile games to more well graphically designed games that can provide a better experience to the player. In the present day, humans are so much obsessed with games that gaming has become a profession where people compete with each other on an international level and can earn many awards accordingly. Ninja is one of the most famous Fortnight player where he makes videos of his game plays on YouTube and have been a the most successful Fortnight player in the world.

Call Of Duty is an action arcade game where you control a soldier and go through many battles of an army unit with a time. It provides a civilian with an opportunity to think and act like a soldier where he can perform stunts and kill his enemies like a soldier. He can access all kinds of weapons involving a chopper machine gun and all of this is pretty exciting when it comes to the world of gaming. It is a first person shooter game where you can shoot and kill your foes with the weapons of your own choice and can even participate in stealth missions with a silenced sniper or a gun. All of this provides an excellent gaming experience.

Killing made easy:

Killing has never been made so easy. Are you a person who couldn’t pass his army initial test and couldn’t be enrolled in army? No worries, because Call Of Duty is a game where a person can experience all the fun of being a soldier while sitting on his computer. A person can play as many games as possible and while playing all the versions of Call Of Duty, a person can enjoy the life of being a soldier additionally without any physical consequences. Isn’t it great? You can kill people and yourself can’t die, who wouldn’t want that kind of life. Call Of Duty is a great game where a person can enjoy being a soldier, go on missions with his platoon and can sabotage his foes with frag, stun and smoke grenades. There is so much more to this game and eventually this game has gained so much fame in no time at all.

Adrenaline rush:

Playing the game with headphones on and all the sounds of bullets and blasts, a person can literally feel his adrenaline pushing in his gut, waiting to be burst out. People play shooter games to gain this adrenaline rush in order to soothe the nerves and gain the pleasure of being a dominant. He might be a nerd in the society and can be a loner but the real thing is that games provide him an opportunity to be something in another world where his contribution in a mission would matter and he can also become a celebrity in an online gaming community. Call Of Duty makes him soldier who is fighting to destroy his enemies and is leading his platoon in many battles that are filled with gunshots, blasts, blood, wounds, betrayal and many of such arousing stuff. All the senses of the person are focussed when he is playing this game and beware that this game can be very addictive.


Games are the best way of entertainment and can provide an occasion for a person to relax and soothe his nerves. Music has been considered a great enjoyment but gaming has been proven to be an enjoyment of present. Youngsters are mainly involved in gaming because they find it addictive, and makes them get lost in the whole new world of gaming where they can pick any character and make a life of their own. Call Of Duty is also one of those games that are quite popular among youngsters. Additional feature of this game is its online feature where a group of friends can connect from their respective home computers and can play with each other. They can fight by selecting a destination map and they fight with each other while being connected online through their head phones.


If you are a person who is looking for an exciting first person shooter game to live another day with an adrenaline pushed entertainment then here is your chance. All you have to do is download Call Of Duty on your consoles or computers and start being a soldier to fight for your nation or an imaginary nation. You can also choose it as a career by becoming a professional Call Of Duty multiplayer where you can earn by competing in world class competitions and by wining them.

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