One of the top most rated social media platform over the internet includes the great messaging app Whatsapp. I will be discussing more about Whatsapp in this detailed blog. The best part about Whatsapp is that it is considered as one of the most successful social Medias of the current era. Most of the times, people find it more easy to deliver their messages on Whatsapp. This is the reason Whatsapp is widely loved by billions of users all around the world. Due to its extensive functionality people like to commune with their loved ones. Let us get started with deeper details of this social media platform. The social media platform was invented back in 2009. The main reason behind the introduction of this great social media platform is to allow people in delivering their important text rapidly. You will not require any big data speed for using whatsapp.

Basically, Whatsapp’s headquarters are located in America and you can honourably call it as American based social media platform. With the help of this online social media platform, you can make audio and video calls within couple of seconds. You will always have an option to share videos and audios to your contacts. Moreover, it is an online media platform with perfect networking services. This social media platform is owned by Facebook. You can also call them as founding father of Whatsapp. So these are some basic details about Whatsapp that you might know. People who want to use this social media platform do not require any of their basic information including their date of birth, name, etc for creating their account. All you need to do is to enter your contact number.

The system will then send you a text code for verification and you are done. With the help of your contact number, you can easily create your own account which cannot be login anywhere else. The best part is that the users will not be requiring any password to enter into their account.


Just like all other social media platforms, there are numerous features that make Whatsapp more interesting and attractive. You all might know about the common features that you can perform via this social media platform. So the basic features we know are as follows:


Just like its ancestor Facebook, you can easily make a brief chat with your friends and family. As you all know that this social media platform allows you to connect to your friends and family. So, with Whatsapp chat feature, you can connect with your friends and family as well as you can share your daily routines and other important things that you will love to share. The best part about this social media platform is that it displays a list of messages just like a standard messaging app. The main difference is that Whatsapp is an online version of basic app with extended features. All the chats are presented in a list. When you clicks at particular chat, you will get an interesting interface. The interface will provide a lot of new options including the audio and videos calls etc

Audio Call:

Just like all other messaging app, this social media platform, Whatsapp offers some great extensive features including the most demanding audio call feature. The feature allows you to make online audio calls at your ease. Just like your standard audio call, Whatsapp allows you to make an online audio call without having to spend a lot of bucks.

Video call:

Some of the large social media platforms allow you to make the best video call. All of the famous social media platforms allows you to make a high quality video call in return of high internet data. And, this is the best thing about this social media is that it requires only small amount of data to make a better video call.

Add photos, chat and videos to Favorities:

Unlike its founding social media platform, Facebook, the social media platform allows you to add particular content to their favorite collection. So in this way, you will be able to get your favorite photos, text and videos at one place. This is quite different from the features in Facebook.

View Videos:

Just like its founding social media platform, Whatsapp allows you to view particular videos that are being transmitted by your friends and family. Moreover, the videos that are being in particular group can also be viewed. You can only view particular video by downloading that particular video. The video remains in your storage unless until you delete them permanently.

Join Groups:

Yes it is possible that you can join particular group. But there occurs some problems. The problem is that you cannot join any particular group with your willings.  Only an admin of particular group can add you in that group. The admin needs to have your contact number saved in his or her contact list. Once you joined that group, you will be able to share your favorite content to the members of that content. You can share audio, video and photos in particular group. The best part is that you can make a group video call in that group. You will always have an option to mute or leave any particular group.

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