YouTube and Music Industry


Music has always been a priority of human beings whenever it came to the point of leisure or entertainment. Throughout the history music has been a part of human civilizations and as a culture to celebrate life and praise deities. Gods love music and many religious rituals around the world include music in their performance because it is thought to be as a mean to praise deities and to be thankful. In the present music has been made a way to soothe one’s nerves and to provide peace and serenity to the mind and life of a person.

Mughal courts use to hold special durbars for music that was reasoned as the celebration of the success of the culture and the kings personally indulged themselves in the performance of these rituals as it was considered customary for a king to learn and observe the manners of musicians and singers. Kings used to had famous musicians like ‘tanseen’ in their courts to provide them details about music culture and to guide them in the various aspect of their living standards because music was considered as the celebration of life, thus, held an elaborate position among the courts.

When YouTube arrived in 2005, music became available for the common folks and iPods and walkman were not needed for a person to be indulged in the serenity of music. The problem before that was there was no specific music platform available where a person could hold on to being socially aware of every genre of music or latest music album that was being produced. YouTube provided people with a podium where a person can access the music from all around the world in a single click.


YouTube was opened up for people in 2005 when three ex employees of PayPal observed that whenever a person looked up for some specific video on YouTube, they were unable to do so because of the long list of relating websites and other stuff. The major observation was the realization of the fact that there was no specific website available for the people to look up the videos and music around the world. Hence, the idea of YouTube was established and what we see today in front of us is the same idea that have been evolving ever since and now we have a flawless version of YouTube even on our smart phones from where we can access the music and videos from all around the world.


Platform for singers:

On October 19th, 2017, a movie named ‘secret superstar’ was released. This movie was about a female singer who used to hide her identity and sang songs on YouTube that became hit in no time. The reason behind hiding her identity was that she belonged to a conservative family and couldn’t pursue her dream but YouTube provided that girl an opportunity to come forward with her skills while hiding her identity and she became a worldwide inspiration in no time. Just like that girl there are many singers out there who became famous after uploading their music videos on YouTube. YouTube provide everyone with the opportunity to make their own channel and upload videos that will help them become famous and known in the worldwide community.

Easy access:

YouTube became famous because it can be easily accessed and now it is available in many versions such as YouTube kids and the mobile application has made it accessible for anyone around the world. Such features have leaded this website to gain fame in no time and now have become the biggest video sharing platform in the whole world.


Another major feature that this website possesses is that it is worldwide. A person is not limited to his own country or location, but irrespective of their location, a person can access a video that is uploaded on YouTube from any corner of the world. There is no bondage or limitation to the video availability. Whenever a singer in united states uploads a video from Tennessee or Newyork, a person sitting in Pakistan can view that video on YouTube from his home computer by just typing in the tag word of that video and voila! The video will be available to him right there at his screen.


Music is a dire need of human being and if a person gets access to free music videos all his life by just one click of a button then yes, life is easy. If you are a person who is looking for a music video that you cannot find anywhere else then YouTube is your guy and if you are looking to become a musician and you are not encountering any opportunities then make your own channel and start showing your skills to the world on YouTube. If you have the skills then you will be see that how you become and online inspiration and a star in no time at all.


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