YouTube as a Career


YouTube always had been a platform where music videos and entertainment videos from all around the world were available and the access was quite easy to get. To the knowledge of some people, YouTube has become an inspiration whenever it comes to the career options because people can earn a decent amount of money from YouTube and all they have to do is get a million subscribers. They can do everything that they find is fun and it does not involve much effort.

Career options are not quite much available when it comes to the field of entertainment because of the anarchical situation that is surrounding the human beings. Almost everyone wants to include himself in the field of media and the number of actresses and actors is increasing day by day. Other people don’t get much chance due to the fact that nepotism is prevalent in the society.


YouTube has provided people with an opportunity to pursue a career. Unemployment has been on a rise where people find it difficult to adopt a career because there are no opportunities left for them. For instance a person desires to become a comedian, he realizes that in the entertainment industry places are already taken and he doesn’t possess that many resources to compete with those people at some higher level. YouTube here provides him an opportunity to make his own channel on the website and in this way he can show his skills to the world and if his luck and skills are best suited with each other than he will gain fame in no time. Bhuvan Bam is an Indian based comedian who out of boredom started making comedy videos from his Smartphone camera and in to time gained popularity and was rated as the most influential you tuber on the internet. Ducky Bhai is another comedian who entertains people by roasting different people and situations through catchy animations and has become famous in India and Pakistan in no time.


Channels are actually profiles of people and a special album of all the videos that are uploaded by a user. On the channel of you tuber, his personal details, channel information and the list of video are available for the public to view to be liked or disliked by the people. When a person hits a hundred thousand subscribers on his channel he gets 1$ for each view and subscriber. In this way you tubers can gain fame by the increasing number of subscribers and this way they can earn a lot of money through their YouTube channel. There are thousands of channels on YouTube and when a person hits million subscribers on YouTube, he gets rewards like silver, bronze or golden flag from official YouTube that is a symbol that a person is a successful you tuber.


Vloggers are actually video bloggers who post their life or different scenarios through their cameras on YouTube for entertainment or informative purposes. People make their own vlogg channels and start uploading videos from their daily life and go around the city or share their experience through capturing different journeys through their cameras in order to be liked and their channel be more subscribed. Irfan Junejo and Ukhano are one of the most famous Pakistani you tubers who are very influential for all the students and youngsters who are looking to pursue the same dream. Abdul Rehman is a UGRAD alumnus who started his own YouTube vlog channel after he got inspired from the work of Irfan Junejo and now he himself is an influential YouTube logger in Pakistan.


When a person exceeds the limit of 100,000 subscribers then he start to get money from YouTube for every additional subscriber. People make their own channels and earn subscribers through their videos in which they show their skills regarding any field of entertainment. Comedians are the most famous people on YouTube because people are looking for videos that could provide them with a good laugh and comedy soothes their nerves. Thousand of comedians are available on YouTube with their videos and if a person like a you tuber then he can subscribe his channel to stay updated for the upcoming videos and as soon as the next video is available on YouTube, the person is notified.


YouTube is an amazing option if a person is looking for a career to pursue and possesses a set of skills. All he has to do is to make a channel on YouTube and make a video of things that he is good at. It can be anything starting from comedy to cooking recopies and he will see that in no time, he reaches a position where he is earning quite much. Unlike his other mates, he will be doing something that he loves and so will not be exhausted doing this job likes other of his mates.

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