YouTube – The Biggest Video Sharing Platform


Before 2005 people were in dire need of any video sharing platform because whenever a person wanted to look up for some video, he had to look up and search all the internet and still he couldn’t find some of the desired videos. When Timberlake tore the shirt of his co star during a live concert, people were going crazy to look at the video but due to the unavailability of any video sharing platform, people were unable to find the full video of the whole incident. This lead three ex PayPal employees to come up with an idea to create a website that can act as the video sharing hub for the internet and from where people can find their desired videos.


This platform was created in 2005 and world stand witness that how this application has conquered the limits of fame and popularity within a decade. Whenever a person wants to look up for any video then he simply opens YouTube and look up for the desired video and voila! It is there. Then a time came when YouTube was just not a hub for the online videos but also people started to upload their brands and YouTube was used for the advertisement purposes and now the biggest advertisement hub is YouTube where people can upload the videos or animations of their brands and it can gain popularity in almost no time. Now songs and many TV series have been started on YouTube that can fulfil their purpose of entertainment and the owner of the channels can earn money and awards from the YouTube depending upon the number of subscribers they have.

A Music Hub:

Music was played live in the bars and people had to wait for a particular hour when their favourite musical show was played on the TV. People or youngsters had their iPods filled with downloaded music and if a person has a specific song then other one had to ask him or her to send him that particular song. Looking up the song on the internet was also a hectic act where people had to go through myriads of links and servers in order to download that particular song. As soon as the YouTube hit the internet, it immediately became famous for its extensive usage and features that allows a person to download or listen to any song that he wants. Now YouTube is filled with music that people can listen to with just typing in the name of the song. This feature has save d people from searching their favourite music from the haystack of websites that are filled with puny links.

YouTube kids:

This is another feature that was releases by the company in order to save kids from the in appropriate content. YouTube has so much content that is okay for the adults but what if a kid wants to look up for something like rhymes on YouTube and ends up looking at the adult content. In order to save parents from this worry, the company has released YouTube kids that are only designed for kids and all the content within it is child friendly devoid of all the adult and inappropriate content that might harm the psychology of a child.


Entertainment had a new name when YouTube was introduced and many people started to use the name YouTube instead of entertainment because that is all it was. People can watch their favourite TV shows and drama serials that they have missed on the TV and can even download them in their mobile applications to watch them on the go. Music is filled in this website and people can find the latest music uploaded on the YouTube. There was a time when people had to sit in front of their big TV sets to watch their favourite TV serials but now the wait was over in 2005 because today in the present 2019, we can watch our favourite shows on the go. Many people watch programs and other entertainment stuff while travelling or working out at home. Easy access to entertainment had earned all the fame to YouTube and now it is the most trending website in the world. Every user almost spends a minimum of 1 hour on YouTube and the traffic on this website is huge. YouTube is used more than Google according to a study but still Google is Google.


Many people have adopted YouTube as their career. They own channels on YouTube and try to earn many subscribers and when they reach almost a hundred thousand subscribers then they start to earn money from YouTube and this has influenced many bloggers to turn into vloggers and now this trend is so hit that many people can be seen making their own channels in the hope of getting famous and earning in dollars, pun intended.

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