YouTube vs Netflix


People have been dying over the TV series and seasons. Entertainment had been the most prioritized leisure element for people. There were times when humans had only a big fat TV set to watch serials and news on but as the world progressed, people now have access to the internet and TV sets have become useless in the lives of human beings because everything is available on internet. YouTube is a video sharing platform where people could access videos from all over the world. This shift in the priorities is due to the fact that humans are surrounded by innovation and now everything is moving so fast so people don’t have time to sit and watch a television. For instance when the CEO of Lamborghini was asked that why don’t they advertise their cars on TV and he said the fact is that the people who can afford Lamborghinis do not have time to sit around and watch TV so there is no use in advertising all that stuff. People don’t have time to sit around and watch TV so TV series are now available on YouTube from where a person can easily access them and watch them on the go. For instance, a student who loves watching TV series can watch the missed episodes on his way to the university on the metro and this will also save him from the boredom of the journey.

TV series:

TV series are the drama serials with the certain number of episodes in a single season. , movies were more famous but as they end within two hour, people want to hook up with a story for much longer and this brings us today to the high trend of the t= series from where a person can select his favourite genre and can watch a TV series with a catchy theme and can hook-up with it for years. For me, TV series have been my life and since 2011 I was hooked on the Game of Thrones. It ended in 2019 with its 8 seasons totally mesmerizing me. There was time when I had to wait every year for the next season and that was the beginning to my affiliation with the seasons and TV series.


Netflix is another website where people can access the movies and Netflix original movies. Netflix and chill is the most famous slogan that is being used among the youngsters. When it comes to the TV series, Netflix is most famous among the people who adore TV series and movies and it provides them with a platform from where he can enjoy an advertisement free experience of his favourite series along a bowl of popcorn. Netflix original series have been quite famous among the people because they are only available on Netflix to watch. Series like ‘’sacred games’’ have created quite a hype in the present day. The first season created so much hype that people had been waiting for a whole year to watch the second season of this Netflix series and when it hit the podium, Netflix observed one of the highest traffic on their website. This is how the craziness of TV series works.

Free and paid:

Netflix is famous because it is paid and people love to see that what possibly could be behind that paid door which will only open after we enter our credit card details. YouTube is free and the series on YouTube are not that famous. In Pakistan, YouTube is famous because the TV series and serials that our people miss during their soap time are available to watch later on the go. Other than that, YouTube is not that much appreciated for the TV series because famous TV series like Game of Thrones and Vikings is not available on YouTube and people had to knock at the paid door of Netflix in order to entertain themselves from the battle of Ragnor or to see the mother of dragons burning the cities, pun intended.

Easy access:

YouTube can be easily accessed and there is no hindrance of going through the entering of credit card details or making an account to access it. People from all over the world enjoy YouTube because it is free and can be easily accessed. Now we stand on a podium form where we saw YouTube evolving as a single video sharing platform but it is now an advertisement agency as well and also is ending unemployment by proving the people with an opportunity to make their own channel and earn through getting a lots of subscribers. People are now making their own TV series like a Pakistani actor; Yasir Hussain has made his own TV series to entertain people and is gaining much fame. YouTube is loved due to all the opportunities that it provided to the people of Pakistan and all over the world.

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